Early Child and Family Interventionist


 What does every family need?

The early years, from 0-3, are so important for both parent and child. Adults and children both require empowerment and attunement during this time. My work is geared toward helping new, or newly expanded, families listen and connect in a healthy and confident way, and supporting them toward the development of deep and enduring bonds.


What stands in the way of a natural bonding process?

Our culture has become very externally dependent. We seek approval and guidance from our families and friends; but more than ever, we are also seeking guidance from experts.


While it’s not a problem to seek guidance from the outside because we absolutely need resources and support, it is my belief that we have lost a connection to our own intuitive wisdom. This manifests in an inability to trust our own instincts; but even more problematic, if we are not listening inward, we become disconnected from the unconscious communication of our babies. This begins a disconnected pattern, which place both baby and parent in a hard place.


What do I do?

What I offer is a model of listening and engagement that begins from a connected and curious place.


I will spend time with your family to gain a sense of what feels disconnected or problematic. I will use these observations to offer strategies that will help your family to quiet the noise and the chaos from outside and tune in to the dynamic occurring internally, and in the relationships.


Through this listening, communication becomes more connected.


Through connected communication, we can avoid many of the “behavior problems” that are born from misunderstanding– or mis-”hearing”– the communication in the behavior.